How can I pay my taxes?

  1. You can send in your check directly to the IRS. Include a payment voucher, but also on the check write your social security number, year the payment is for, and what taxes it is for. Such as payment for 2018 1040 taxes.

  2. Go to and at the top of the page click, PAY. You can pay br automatic debit at no charge, a debit card at around $3.00 per transaction, or use a credit card for about 2% transaction fee.

  3. Setup and installment plan.

    1. If you plan is to pay in less than 120 days, you can setup an installment plan.

      • There is no setup fee

      • if you do an automatic debit from your account the monthly penalty is .25% of remaining balance

      • without an automatic debit from your account, the monthly penalty is .5% of remaining balance

      • additionally you will be charge 4% annual interest (.34% monthly) on remaining balance.

      • Interest and penalties are based on remaining balance, including any penalties and interest.

      • To setup go to

    2. If you plan to pay in more than 120 days, you can also setup a long term installment plan

    3. The other option is to pay when you can without setting up an installment agreement. The IRS will send you a notice of the amount due with penalties and interest. Just remmber the penalties and interest will continue to accumuate until paid off.

NOTE:  Even if you cannot pay, be sure you file as there are much larger penalties for failure to file.