We aim to keep our prices as low as possible and certainly lower than all the big box tax return preparers.  We do charge for each form, but different from many tax return preparers, we base the cost of the form on the time it takes to prepare rather than just the form.  We believe it is a much fairer approach.  An example would be if one person has a Schedule D which is a list of stocks and mutual funds with only two entries, we charge less than when someone has 50 entries.  We also do not charge our clients extra to answer tax questions.

Listed below are our price breakdown on new clients.  Pricing for existing clients pricing is based on previous year's fee plus any new changes.  These prices are estimates as until we do the return we do not know how much time is required to complete the return.

All of prices include FREE E-Filing and three years of document storage so you can have electronic access to your tax returns at anytime.

We can also prepare your W-2 or 1099 by printing and submitting the information to the IRS.  Cost is $35.00

Church Audits - We can do independent audits for churches that have less than $500,000 in receipts in a year.  Amounts over that usually require a CPA  do conduct every three years. On the off years, we can conduct an independent audit.  Cost for these audits vary based on the amount of receipts and whether the audit is done on premise and procedures are audited in addition to records, or just records are audited.  Please call if you have questions.